Creativity and Relaxation Coaching

Creativity and Relaxation Coaching

These sessions are perfect for anyone who wants to experience support in a collaborative peer relationship by:
*Pausing from daily life to check in with yourself with gentleness and authenticity
*Nurturing your relationship to creativity and your artistic self
*Learning and practicing coping tools to develop sustainable self-care

What to expect:

*5-10 min check-in and choosing a focus for the session
*15-20 min guided relaxation (passive) or creative exploration (active) based on your needs
*10-15 min discussion and reflection: labeling challenges, successes, and intentions for the future
*A follow-up email within 48 hrs with a summary of the session and additional encouragement

*Sliding scale $15-35/hr
More Details

My approach:

  • I believe in strengths-based care and using art as a form of harm reduction. I am influenced by my own journey of trauma and healing as well as my graduate level training in music therapy and counseling. 

  • I borrow ideas from methods like Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. I prioritize collaboration with clients in deciding the flow of sessions.

  • I am fat-positive, sex-positive and unapologetically supportive of night-life and sex workers, trans and gender expansive people, substance users, as well as people in nontraditional relationships.

  • I do not to use any practices that are not open to me as a White person, but am happy to support anyone in bringing in your own cultural or spiritual practices to the session.



  • I am not a music therapist and not providing therapy. I am not able to help anyone in current mental health crisis beyond providing other resources.

  • I am protective of my boundaries to prevent burnout and vicarious trauma; therefore, within the coaching relationship I cannot provide in-depth processing of traumatic experiences. I will state directly if I need to draw a boundary based on the direction of our work together.