• pricing


    Sliding scale for all services:

    $15-$45 per hour



    below is a a guide for choosing your price,

    adapted from RideFreeFearlessMoney.com

    "You know your financial reality better than anyone or any scale, period. There are lots of experiences and situations not covered here – place yourself as you best can, being honest and self-loving.
    It’s ok to have resources! And it’s ok not to have them. That’s what a scale is meant to account for.
    Please use this as an opportunity to examine your resources (or lack thereof) and situation holistically and generationally. Often we find that folks who’ve experienced early-life abundance who are *currently temporarily scarce* select lower on the scale than people who’ve experienced early-life scarcity who are temporarily abundant. That’s not what’s supposed to happen — and it doesn’t create a sustainable practice for the practitioner."
    -Hadassah Damien, Ride Free Fearless Money

    consider paying at the HIGH end of the scale if many of the following are true:

    • Employed, make over $100K
    • I have a degree(s) without having had loans
    • I live partially, mostly or all off unearned / gifted income
    • My family has plentiful assets, like investment or second home
    • I never worry about my basic needs and have savings
    • I can choose to work or not
    • My health doesn’t impact my income
    • My race, gender, sexuality doesn't impact my income
    • The covid-19 Pandemic has not impacted my access to income
    consider paying in the MIDDLE of the scale if many of the following are true:
    • Employed, make over $60k
    • I can cover my basic needs regularly and have savings
    • I have student loans for professional or post-secondary education in my current field that I work in
    • Most people in my family have higher education
    • My career is stable and moving forward
    • Family has assets, like a paid-off house and/or parents have retirement accounts
    • The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted my access to income to some extent (ex:unemployment)


    consider paying on LOW END of the scale if many of the following are true:

    • Employed, make less than $60k
    • I barely meet basic needs or struggle to meet basic needs and have no savings
    • My health significantly impacts my income
    • My race, gender, sexuality does impact my income
    • I am struggling to pay more than minimums on debt
    • I was among the first in my family to go to college
    • I help my family or others with money
    • My family has few or no assets
    • I have no family or access to family
    • The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted my access to income